About Us

SRF addresses the absence of dedicated Sudanese platforms focusing on capacity building, knowledge sharing and research dissemination in a blended continuous education model. In this context we provide a common platform for interaction between Sudanese learners and researchers to establish and drive the momentum of research and education in Sudan. SRF serves as a bridge to link Sudanese undergraduates & postgraduates with the expertise and competence of Sudanese researchers worldwide.

Our Vision

Equip young and budding Sudanese scientist to compete up to International standards by acquisition of core research competencies and academic soft skills.

Our Mission

Expand the initiative by utilizing the Internet and social networking platforms to collect, disseminate and emphasize the Sudanese researchers footprint and participation in all fields of scientific research. Facilitate communication between generations of Sudanese researchers and scientists to ensure the continuity of the scientific mission and the transfer of knowledge, techniques and expertise within and into Sudan.

Our Goals

SRF focuses on achieving the following:

  1. Establish an index for Sudanese researcher all over the world and connect them.
  2. Establish Sudanese researches scientific footprint.
  3. Strengthen Sudanese researchers’ core qualities.
  4. Encourage Sudanese people to be more involved in research and development.
  5. Exchange knowledge and expertise.
  6. Share published scientific research papers, articles, essays, journals and links.
  7. Discuss experiences, issues and provide answers in an open and honest manner.
  8. Provide a platform for peer support and discussions.

Our Strategies

  1. Support research progress and outputs from Sudanese talent pool via:
  • engagement in focused specialized collaborations among researchers through facilitating communication, joint publications and joint organizations of workshops and conferences inside and outside Sudan.
  • support the professional and personal development of junior researchers (via career development, research specific topics and scholarship and training programs and activities)
  • encourage networking and joint collaboration between junior and senior researchers and academics as well as among senior researchers and academics.
  1. Expand the initiative scope to benefit a larger cohort of Sudanese students and researchers.
  2. Promote the collection and sharing of the members collective expertise by enhancing communication between members.
  3. Promote mentorship programs for scholars, researchers and students by senior members of the group and through procuring the expertise of reputable Sudanese professors and International professors.
  4. Help researchers with limited financial means to publish and disseminate good quality science.
  5. Instill the spirit of initiation, volunteering and proaction.
  6. Provide access to scientific material through building partnerships with reputable publishers.
  7. Provide soft skills and communication training by recruiting the expertise of pioneers in the field.
  8. Collaborate with other initiatives in the field to exchange resources and ideas towards achieving our goals.
  9. Hosting seminars, workshops, symposiums, etc... Online and off-line.
  10. Mailing lists (specialized and public).
  11. Book library
  12. Finally, collaborate with MOOCs such as Coursera to host highly professional Sudanese lecturers/universities.

Registration Certificates

Below is our commercial registration certificate as a private non-profit organization under section 15(3)  in Sudan.

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