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Since its establishment in 2009, the Sudanese Researchers Group has formed a number of research & scholarships sub-groups. Those subgroups are supervised by experts from researchers in the relevant fields. Below is a list of all subgroups :

No Group Name Speciality Link Supervisors
1 Sudanese Researchers Scholarships Guide Scholarships Tr. Enas Elsir
2 Fulbright program for Sudanese Fulbright Program Eng. Gasim Montasir, Prof. Souad Badri
3 Turkey Scholarships for Sudanese Turkey Scholarships Wafi Abdullah, Salih Ahmed, Mustafa Atta, Amal Al Samani
4 English For Scholarships - SRF Scholarships Eng. Sarah Sayed Ahmed, Eng. Anas Abdel Raouf
5 Korean Scholarships for Sudanese Korean Scholarships Eng. Fathi Karim, Dr. Ibrahim Musa, Dr. Anwar Dafallah
6 Japanese Scholarships for Sudanese Japanese Scholarships Dr. Sana Seddig, Tr. Marwa Ali, Tr. Neimaallah Al Ehimir
7 Chevening Scholarship for Sudanese (UK) Chevening Scholarship Eng. Salma Mudawi
8 Saudi Scholarships for Sudanese - SRI Saudi Scholarships Eng. Omer Mohammed, Eng. Kamal Al-Din Al-Awad, Eng. Mohammed Idris
9 Italy scholarships for Sudanese - SRI Italy scholarships Dr. Mohammed Sabry, Eng. Karam El Din
10 Scholarships in Canada for Sudanese (SRI) Canadian Scholarships Dr. Omaima Hashim Abdulmutallab, Prof. Souad Badri
11 Scholarship ads and courses Scholarships Eng. Riyad Al Mubarak, Tr. Omer Imam, Dr. Anwar Dafallah, Eng. Anas Mohamed Abdel Raouf
12 Sudanese Students Group in China Chinese Scholarships ---
13 Sudanese NeuroScience Researchers group Neuroscience ---
14 Data Mining, Big Data and Internet of Things (IOT) Data Science Dr. Anwar Dafallah
15 Future Engineers (SRI) Engineering Dr. Omaima Hashim Abdul Muttalib
16 Artificial Intelligence Research Group- (SRI) AI Research Eng. Mohammed Shahata
17 Medical Laboratory Research - SRF laboratory medicine Dr. Nader Musa Abu Zeid, Dr. Yassin Al-Faki, Dr. Musab Ali Awad Al-Karim
18 Sudanese English teachers support group (SRI). English Dr. Ilham Ezzedine, Dr. Anwar Dafallah
19 SRF Bio Medical Research Group Bio Medicine Dr. Rasha Al-Bashir, Dr. Hisham Youssef Hassan, Dr. Sana Seddig
20 Sudanese Researchers Foundation - Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering ---
21 Maritime studies group Maritime Studies Tr. Mahmoud Abubaker
22 Nano Technologies research group Nano Technology Dr. Nashwa Eissa, Eng. Ali Mohamed Abdelrahim
23 Statistics Researchers group Statistics Dr. Eihab Abdelrahim
24 Structural concrete Sudanese researchers (SRF) Structural concrete Eng. Murtada Khaled, Eng. Talal Arman, Dr. Omaima Hashim Abdulmutallab
25 GIS & RS Research Group GIS & RS Dr. Refaat Abdullah, Dr. Anwar Al-Sadat, Al-Tayeb Al-Mahal
26 SRF ICDL Training ICDL Eng. Ibrahim Hamza
27 Science Communication Volunteers- SRF Science Communication Dr. Hisham Youssef Hassan, Dr. Musab Awad Al-Karim
28 Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering Dr. Omaima Hashim Abdulmutallab, Eng. Murtada Khaled
29 Employment & Networking group Employment & Networking Eng. Riyad Al Mubarak, Tr. Omran Imam, Dr. Anwar Dafallah
30 Sudanese Researchers Foundation/German Language German Language David, Dr. Sana Seddig, Tr. Ryan Alrafie, Tr. Al Khansa Al Dhai
31 Volunteers group to visit schools and teach university majors and professions Higher Education Dr. Musab Awad Al-Karim, Eng. Gasim Montasir, Tr. Intsar Kamal, Dr. Mona Tariq Haider
32 UN and NGOs Opportunities 🇸🇩 Employment Samar Mohammed, Hanadi Hossam, Ahmed Abbas Mudawi
33 Mandatory Service Procedures and Authentication of Certificates (SRF) Mandatory Service Mustafa Abu Mariam
34 Anti-Corruption Researchers group Anti-Corruption Dr. Anwar Dafallah
35 Humanities and Economic study group Humanities and Economy Tr. Imran Musa, Dr. Dina Abdullah Saleh, Tr. Muhannad Al-Wazir, Tr. Zaki El Din Alhilu
36 Energy, sustainability & Innovation group (SRF) Energy & Sustainability Eng. Gasim Ibrahim, Dr. Souad Badri ,Eng. Tariq Taj Al Asfia, Dr. Mohammed al-Haj
37 Sudanese Youth Development Researchers Youth Development Abubaker Abdullah, Dr. Anwar Dafallah
38 Veterinary Researchers (SRF) Veterinary Research Dr. Amir Saad, Dr. Husameldin Elnasri, Dr. Mohamed Salah
39 Pharmacy Expertise Research -SRF Pharmacy Dr. Inas Mohammed Ahmed Elsayed ,Dr. Abdulrahim Altoam Alzain, Dr. Sana Siddig
40 Admission and Registration for Sudanese universities Admission to Universities Tr. Abu Obeida Bashir Hamad ,Eng. Anas Mohamed Abdel Raouf
41 Blockchain Researchers Blockchain Ma'moun Bashier
42 The Sudanese Medical Physicists Public group Medical Physics Dr. M K Saeed
43 Information Technology and Communication (ICT) Researchers ICT Dr. Anwar Dafa-Alla ,Mustafa Gafar
44 Developing Policies & Procedures for the next Sudanese civilian government SRF Policies Dr. Fahad Salih Saber ,Dr. Anwar Dafallah
45 Medical & health studies Research- SRF Medicine and Health Dr. Musab Ali Awad Al-Karim, Dr..Almoez Abdel Raouf, Dr. Inas El Sayed ,Dr. Sana Seddig
46 Sudanese Materials Engineers & Scientists (SMES) Material Science & Engineering Eng. Osman Abdul Rahman Khalil Ali
47 Scratch Graphical Programming Scratch Language Eng. Mustafa Jafar, Eng. Moutaman Mirghani
48 SRF-Cyber/Physical Security group Cyber Security Dr. Anwar Dafallah
49 SRF - Environment & Sustainability Environment & Sustainability Dr. Enas Al-Sir ,Dr.Al Fatih Yassin
50 Sudan National Security Experts SRF National Security Dr. Tirab Abakar Tirab, Tr. Wafi Khammis
51 Information Technology Group for the Visually Impaired - SRF Visual Impairment Solutions Tr. Abu Al Abbas Al-Mahdi, Dr. Anwar Dafallah
52 Mental Health Support Group Mental Health Prof. Souad Badri Shomous bakash ,Dr. Malaz Abdullah, Dr. Yassin Al-Qaddal
53 Data Legislation Framework for Sudan Data Legislation Dr. Anwar Dafallah, Dr. Sami Saleh
54 Data sets and Benchmarks Data Repository & Machine Learning Tamir Suliman

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