SRF Story

Sudanese Researchers Foundation is is a Sudanese scientific, voluntary, non-governmental and non-profit organization that aims to create a common platform for interaction between Sudanese learners and researchers to establish and advance the momentum of research and education in Sudan. It was established on December 28, 2009 through the efforts of a small group of graduate students abroad and Sudanese researchers passionate about the impact of research in developing countries like Sudan , led by Dr. Anwar Dafallah.

The group expanded rapidly until it became in 2019 the largest digital platform in the social networks for Sudanese researchers and students, with more than half a million members and subscribers.

The illustration below shows SRF member's age :

At the Sudanese Researchers Foundation, we aim to :

  • Creating a catalog of Sudanese researchers around the world and linking them
  • Strengthening the basic qualities of Sudanese researchers .
  • Encouraging the Sudanese people to participate in research and development Exchange of knowledge and experience .
  • Sharing scientific research papers, articles, articles, journals and published links
  • Discuss experiences and issues and provide answers in a frank and honest manner
  • Providing a platform to support researchers and discuss experiences and experiences

The Sudanese Researchers Foundation is registered in the Sudanese Ministry of Justice with No. 57951 as a non-profit company with guarantee P.O. Box: 7922 It is also registered as a company in New Zealand.

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