2023 Link Project overview from the Sudanese Researchers Foundation


The goal of the Link project is to bridge the gap between the skills of recent graduates in the fields of Economics and Management Studies and the skills required in the job market. This is achieved through training and equipping graduates with the necessary skills for the workforce.

To ensure that the program aligns with both the graduates and the job market needs, a survey was conducted. Graduates were asked about the skills they felt they needed, and employers were asked about the skills they required in their field. The results of the survey were analyzed, and based on the findings, various workshops were designed for the project.

For more information on the needs assessment research, you can visit the following link: Research Document

The 2023 program included 13 training workshops over 13 days, started on February 18th till March 3rd 2023. The workshops were delivered by several distinguished specialists in their fields. Below are the titles of the training workshops, bios of instructors, and a link to the recordings of each workshop:

You can find all the recordings here: Workshop Playlist


  1. Introductory Day: Overview of the Program + How to Get a Job, presented by: Ihsan Al-Jak & Fatima Al-Hassan
  2. Macroeconomics, presented by: Farouk Kambrese
  3. Banking and Finance, presented by: Bashir Hamid
  4. Human Resources Management, presented by: Fadel Abdulrahman
  5. Accounting, presented by: Moaz Al-Junaid
  6. Marketing and Sales, presented by: Mohammed Al-Tijani
  7. Supply Chain Management and Procurement, presented by: Al-Mahi Suleiman
  8. Project Management, presented by: Mai Safwat
  9. Customer Relationship Management, presented by: Taj Al-Sir Al-Mutkasi
  10. Computer Skills, presented by: Dr. Shahinaz Abdulrahman
  11. Research Methodology, presented by: Dr. Sarah Siddiq
  12. Economic and Business Data Analysis, presented by: Dr. Sarah Siddiq
  13. Communication and Emotional Intelligence, presented by: Mai Atif

To keep all the above information handy, you can download the project summary from here: Project Summary

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