Sudanese Researchers Scholarships Guide V1 المرشد للمنح الأكاديمية

The first edition of the Sudanese Researchers Scholarships Guide is a comprehensive resource for university scholarship programs that are available or targeted to Sudanese students.The Guide covers different types of scholarships, principles of university classification, and methods of selecting the appropriate university. The Guide also contains a detailed database of scholarships obtained by members of the Sudanese Researchers Foundation. You should be aware that benefiting from scholarships offered by universities, countries and international academic programs is not impossible, but requires serious research, self-reliance and a real desire to study and not give up!So we hope that you will find useful information in this Guide that you can use to achieve your ambition and motivate you towards achieve your academic goals.

The file is available below


  • 2020-04-20 - First online date
  • 2020-05-04 - Posted date
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