Sudanese Researchers Scholarships Guide - V2


We are excited to announce ongoing updates to the "SUDANESE RESEARCHERS’ SCHOLARSHIPS GUIDE," a curated collection of academic scholarship opportunities compiled by the Sudanese Researchers Foundation (SRF) team. The guide, initially launched in 2017, saw its first publication on May 5, 2020, after overcoming various delays. This invaluable resource was meticulously prepared under the supervision of a dedicated group of volunteer Sudanese researchers, with Ms. Enas Elsir leading the outstanding team.

The first edition of the guide is available as a PDF through the Sudanese Researchers’ publication site here: Sudanese Researchers Scholarships Guide. It is our hope that this guide has served as a beneficial resource for many members of our community.

Given the significant challenges our country, Sudan, has faced, including wars and the resultant devastation, it is now more important than ever to double our efforts in securing every scholarship opportunity available to support our academic and professional growth.

To further enrich this guide and assist our community better, we request that individuals who have successfully secured scholarships contribute by filling out this form: Scholarship Form.

Your contributions will play a vital role in our ongoing mission to enhance educational opportunities for our community members.

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