Merit Scholarship (University of Calabria - Italy)


  • The scholarship provided by University of Calabria targets international (non EU) students to study the bachelor’s or master’s degree (known in Italy as Laurea Magistrale). 
  • Basically, Sudan is among the countries in which their students are exempted from the payment of the tuition fees regardless of the course. Concerning living expenses and the flights they should -in any case- be paid by the student.
  • The scholarship covers the cost of accommodation and canteen for the duration of the program. 
  • A stipend is given for financial assistance during the program.
  • Language of instruction for the majority of the courses is Italian, however, for international students, the exams and the thesis can be done in English. University of Calabria offers a free Italian language and culture course for all International students before the beginning of each semester.
  • Some courses are taught in English such as:
    •  Master degree courses in Finance and Insurance at the Department of Economics, Statistics and Finance. 
    • Master degree course in Computer Science at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences.
    • Master degree courses in Computer Engineering for the Internet of Things at the Department of Informatic.
    • Modeling.
    • Electronics and System Engineering.
    • Note: check the updated English programs in there website.
  • Scholarship Deadline(s): The call normally opens from Jan/Feb to April/May every year
  • Scholarship duration:  2 years for the MSc degree and 3 for the BSc degree.


  • Right to access the funding through this scholarship is based on the academic merit and the financial need (measured by Family Income) before and during the program.
  • The scholarship includes all fields except medicine, medical laboratories, agricultural sciences, aerospace engineering and some other fields.

Required Documents

  • High school certificate + Bachelor's degree certificate and transcripts + CV + passport + passport size photo + any supporting documents (e.g. Recommendation letters, English/Italian language certificate, relevant work experience, GRE, ... etc.). 
  • Attention: IELTS/Italian language certificates are both not mandatory for the application. However, the embassy of Italy ask for one of them depending on the official language of instruction for the specific field of study.

Helpful Links

Official Website

Portale dell'Università della Calabria - Università della Calabria (

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