Motivation Letter

What is a Motivational Letter?

It is also called ‘’ Personal Statement’’. It is a one-page letter in which you have to describe your eligibility for a certain position, like a job, internship, scholarship, university student or volunteer.

It is a way for boosting your curriculum vitae (CV), put on support of what is mentioned in it and a maximizing chance to be considered as a qualified candidate.

  • Note: what mentioned in your resume should not be repeated in the motivational letter.

The Structure of the Motivational Letter

Part 1 



                          Opening Line                                                            Final Line

Opening Line: in the opening line you should 

  • State the purpose of the application
  • Introduce yourself

Final Line: in the final line of the introduction

  •  Give summary of your current state/ position
  • Why are you applying?
  • How the application or opportunity matches you

Model for Introduction:

Dear [Name of the Contact Person]

My name is [Your name] and I would like to express my interest in applying for the Doctoral program in political science at [University Name]. I’ve always dreamed of becoming a politician and helping give back to my country, and I believe that a Ph.D. in politics from [University Name] would set me miles ahead to reaching my goal.

Part 2

Main Body (A)

  • Include your past achievements and academic performance.
  • Mention your good language skills as well as can-do attitude.
  • Show the interest toward the university/company
  • Hint your good working experience, ethics and practical training.

Model for Main Body:

I developed my passion for Online Marketing during my internship at [company name]. Working in a small startup allowed me to get surface-level experience in most digital marketing channels. Now, I would like to deep-dive and gain advanced know-how by attending the [university name] program in Digital Marketing

Part 3

Main Body (B)

  • Bring up any problems can be solved or problem solving skills you had, which can be related to the applied scholar or study. This will make you a strong option to choose you.
  • Proactivity and challenges, which make you a strong candidate.
  • Matching and understanding the perspective of the study like (you experiences & subject)

Part 4

The Closing

A conclusion/ final statement; it is very important. You must include valid points within the procedural process; for example: if an interview is mentioned in the admission, you should ask for an interview.

Model of a closing :

  1. I believe I'd be a good fit for the program because of (………..)
  2. Thank you for reviewing my motivation letter (…….)
  3. I gladly await your response (………)

Remember to enclose your personal contact information as the example below:

Best Regards,

Insert Name (………..)

Address, contact information (………….)

Important points , you keep on mind :

  • You must know what ad where you are applying to
  • You share the organization’s values. Be specific
  • Read the program requirements carefully in the scholarship website/ company website
  • Be clear by stating your passion and showing your intelligence interest to be chosen
  • Do not lie ! this will reflect in your case/ form

References,, YouTube channel: The student room.

Example of a motivation letter

1-Motivation letter for a Master's in Computer Science

Dear sir/madam,

First of all, let me introduce myself, I am [name] and recently I have been working in Ethio Telecom as a Network Engineer. I have attended my B.Sc. degree in Computer Science and Engineering (Software Engineering Stream) from [university name].

The undergraduate curriculum in Computer Science and Engineering at institute of technology, [university name]; Ethiopia introduces me to a wide variety of engineering subjects. Various courses like Artificial Intelligence (Robotics), Programming Languages, Electronics I&II, Software Engineering, System Programming, Microprocessor, Interfacing & Assembly, Algorithm Analysis and Design, Digital Signal Processing, Network and System Security, Digital system, Algorithm analysis and design, Computer graphics and multimedia, Computer Simulation and Modeling provided me with a strong footing in the theoretical concept of Computer Science and Engineering.

While offering both depth and breadth across this field, these courses put into perspective the importance and relevance of Computer Science and Engineering and the application of its fundamentals to the problems faced by the real world. So, I can realize that learning and developing my knowledge of Computer Science. I will have a great contribution to society since our country begins to transfer the manual system to computerization.

I am very eager to adopt learn know new technologies. I am really enthusiastic to attend a Master of Computer Science in order to understand different Computer Science Concepts because every industry needs the concept of Computer Science. The good reputation of high-quality education standards, an extremely distinguished faculty members, and research facilities are the factors which have motivated me to choose for my M.Sc. studies the [university name].

Moreover, I feel I am responsible for making a big move in this field and this scholarship will give me a big chance to be one day someone who is remembered for his innovations. I think it is our duty as people sharing life in this world to make our future better because the future is not only ours. Our grandchildren should be proud of us one day when they look back and find how hard we worked to make the world a better place. I believe my qualification and your needs would be an excellent fit. I will be happy to provide any further information or documents if required. I look forward to your positive response. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours faithfully,

Written by Alexandru Pop and first published in 

2-Motivation letter for a Master's in Advanced Optical Technologies

If you want to pursue a graduate degree in engineering and technology you might want to check out this example of motivation letter from a student from Ethiopia who succeeded being accepted to a Master’s degree in Advanced Optical Technologies offered by a university in Germany. Get inspired and write your own personal motivation letter that will convince universities that you’re the candidate they’re looking for

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am very glad to apply for a master’s study in Advanced Optical Technologies (MAOT). I am from Ethiopia, and I graduated from [university name], one of the top-ranked universities in the country, in Electrical and Computer Engineering (Communication) with a Bachelor of Science degree program. I was awarded a distinction honor’s degree with a GPA of 3.62/4.00, and I am among the top three ranked graduates in this field of study in the year 2013. After my graduation, I have been working as an assistant lecturer for undergraduate electrical and computer engineering students in the same university and department I graduated, [university name].

A couple of reasons motivate me to apply for a master’s degree study in advanced optical technology. Firstly, when I attended my undergraduate study I came across the adventures of scientists, researchers, engineers and technologists to make the data transmission effective and easy by the use of optical technologies. I often spend most of my work time on reading and assimilating different journals, articles, papers and research topics about optics as a whole and specifically on its impact in communication. Considering the current advancements of fiber optics and laser technology application in communication, impresses me a lot and thereby motivates me to pursue my postgraduate study in optical technology and related study area. I demonstrated good understanding and grades in subjects related to optics during my B.Sc. study. Besides, I attend some public lectures and laboratory demonstrations in optics. My secondary tertiary and B.Sc. study in schools and universities where English is the medium of instruction. Besides, I scored 7 in IELTS academic module which clears my English language proficiency. Therefore, I strongly believe that my educational qualification and motive towards the subject matter makes me a suitable candidate for your program.

It is well-known that Germany is one of the best countries in Europe where there are a number of best universities. My desire to pursue my postgraduate study emanates not only from this but also from the similarities in academic organization between my country and Germany since most educational curricula in my country are created from the experience of German’s. Besides, from my early age, I am highly interested to know the culture and norms of German people.

The concrete reason for my choice to take part specifically in MAOT is the in-depth training in the fundamentals of optical technology and the chance to get a highly interdisciplinary program which brings together experts and knowledge from different related fields of Engineering, Physics, Computer Science and Medicine, unlike other universities in optical technologies. The presence of optical communication in further applications of six main topics of optical technology where two will be major makes my choice ideal. But my intention to apply in your program is not only due to the presence of the discipline but also to benefit from the scholarship. Indeed, it is true, there is no other program that meets my need like MAOT, since it provides detailed training in the basics and applications of optical technologies and has six different, currently demanding, specialization areas which include optical communication.

Generally, I believe that I fulfill all the criteria for your program, and I am highly motivated on the field of optical technologies. So, I will be glad to take part in your program and I hope I will join your academy in this session to achieve my educational and future career goals.

Thank you for your time to consider my application. Hoping to hear from you soon!

With best regards!


3- Sample statement of purpose- business management Ph.D. example:

This essay also illustrates how you need to present yourself in an all-round light, especially when you’re applying for management courses. It pays to stay in touch with the prevailing ethos that schools believe in. While many of us may have had socially relevant experiences, it takes a certain savvy to highlight them while applying to schools that care.

‘’ I am applying for admission to the Ph.D. program in Business Administration because I want a career in the research and teaching of management. In particular, I am interested in factors that affect the competitive performance of a business concern, and the manner in which changes in technology affect an organization’s structure, long-term business strategy, product development, manufacturing, supply chains, distribution network, information needs and standard systems. In order to gain an appreciation of these and related issues, it is essential for me to have a strong grounding in Economics, Supply Chain Management, and issues connected with Information Technology, as well as gain a General Management perspective.

I believe that the Ph.D. program in Business Administration (with concentration in Management) would be invaluable in helping me achieve these objectives. It would enable me to channel my quantitative and conceptual skills in analyzing business issues and would open up new avenues in research. Subsequent to earning a Ph.D., I would like to apply for a faculty position at a leading university; and investigate issues concerned with technology as it affects organization strategy, structure and systems.

I believe that my background in engineering and management has prepared me for such a career. I have found research fascinating since my engineering days, where I received the highest marks in the Department for my final-year undergraduate dissertation; and was judged to have presented the best paper at a Departmental seminar. My four years of engineering education have provided me with a strong grounding in mathematics (I stood first in my department for each of the four Math papers) and the theoretical aspects of technology.

I joined ABC Business School in order to broaden my perspective and to improve my career prospects. Economics and psychology - subjects new to me - were interesting, and I enjoyed applying quantitative and conceptual skills to analyze business problems. I did very well in projects, desk research, workshops and class discussion; although academically I did not perform to my satisfaction (I finished with a GPA of 2.91, partly due to health reasons). I was voted as one of the ten most promising students in my batch and received a national-level award for the best business school project, awarded by the Institute of Management Consultants of India. This was for a summer project, entitled "Formulation and Implementation of a Marketing Strategy for Handicrafts, a unit of the Special Person’s Association".

Upon graduating from business school, I was offered a job with AZ & Co., a management consulting firm which ranks as among India’s largest. This is where I learned how to apply the principles and lessons of management to real life. It was fascinating; and transformed my interest in management research into a passion. I read extensively, trying to keep myself informed about management thinking in my areas of work - structure and systems in an industry and organization, industrial marketing and strategy.

I have learnt a lot from my present job. With the rest of my team, I have analyzed markets and examined supply and distribution networks for such diverse products and industries as bulk chemicals, fresh fruit exports, toys, packaging machinery, retailing, adhesives, diamonds and pharmaceuticals. I have helped formulate entry strategies, plans for expansion and diversification, and also company business plans. As part of a team, I have carried out preliminary feasibility studies; compared technology options; suggested to the Forex Bank of India, a plan for improving the export competitiveness of India's Chemicals Sector; and studied government schemes for their efficacy. I have studied in detail the organization structure and systems for one of India's largest manufacturers of automobiles and helped in the restructuring of the company as well as the redesigning of their new systems.

These assignments have involved interaction with people at all levels of the value chain, and at organizational levels from the Chairman of a $ 200 million firm to a packing clerk earning $1 daily. They have given me the opportunity to interview a number of policy makers, industry analysts and economists in an effort to understand the functioning of, and important issues connected with, each of these industries.

All this has given me valuable insights into the environment in which companies operate - how they affect this environment and are affected by it. It has enabled me to observe some of the better and worse ways of running a business. Certain assignments have been thought provoking; my most recent assignment, on the redesigning of a company's structure and systems, helped me understand the necessity of good organization structures, and appreciate the significance of systems that work well. A study on the export competitiveness of India's chemicals sector brought home to me the importance of technology in determining a company's or industry's competitiveness. An assignment involving the evaluation of an air freight subsidy scheme for exporters of fresh fruits raised fundamental questions in my mind about the efficacy of subsidies in improving the competitiveness of an industrial sector and encouraged me to look at more lasting measures instead.

The time limitation on each assignment has taught me to plan well, work systematically and keep my reports up to date. At the same time, having to defend my analyses and recommendations, during both internal discussions and presentations to clients, has taught me to think rigorously and creatively. Our extensive use of computers for analysis and preparation of presentations and reports has made me familiar with spreadsheet, word processing and presentation packages.

While the highly diverse nature of assignments has helped me gain a broad exposure to Indian industry, it has not been possible for me to study specific business and technology - related issues in depth. I realize that in order to be able to do so, I need a better understanding of the various facets of management, the interlinkages between different functional areas and between different business entities. Equally important, I need further training in research methodology.

I want to do a Ph.D. at the College of Business, XYZ University for many reasons. I have heard about XYZ's Ph.D. program in Business Administration from my business school professors and am impressed with the emphasis placed on technical and analytical skills, general management orientation and rigorous research methodology. The school's strengths in supply chain management and information management are commensurate with my research interests. The faculty's reputation for excellent teaching, challenging coursework and the excellent facilities are added attractions.

While the study of and research in management is my prime objective today, my interests in literature, music, travel and nature help me maintain a sense of perspective in life. I like to write and have had some articles published in Indian newspapers. I have organized and participated in a number of extra-curricular activities during my college days and have won university and national level prizes in debating, writing and quizzes. I also believe that each of us must give something back to society - to this end, I have worked on a voluntary basis for the Hunger Project for a year; as a teacher and counselor to physically and mentally handicapped children for three years; and as a reader to blind students. Today, I contribute to a local organization that focuses on the environment of my hometown, Allahabad.

I hope that the admissions committee finds my background and strengths commensurate with the requirements of XYZ's Ph.D. program in Business Administration.’’

Website: Statement of

4 - Sample Statement of Purpose – Electrical & Computer Engineering M.Sc. example:

Tamir Suliman – Johns Hopkins University 

Perhaps the most important influence that has shaped the person I am today is my upbringing in a traditional family-oriented Sudanese and Nubian culture. My family has been an important source of support in all of the decisions I have made, and my guiding principles which are good words, good deeds, and good thoughts. Not only do I try to do things for others, but I always push myself to be the best that I can be in all aspects of my life. I saw early the doors and opportunities that a good education can open up; thus, I particularly tried hard to do well in school.

Another important experience that has had a large influence on me the past few years has been college. Going from high school to college was a significant change. College required a major overhaul of time-management techniques as the number of things to do mushroomed. College, also, is full of diversity. I have people of all backgrounds and abilities in my classes, and this experience has made me more tolerant of differences.

In addition to that, in the college I found that I was studying something I enjoyed. I believe it is because I enjoy my life and my work that I have been successful. Spending hours in the laboratory is not something that I dread, but instead I take pride in my work and its successful completion. One example of this that is still fresh in my mind is the successful coding of machines state equations modeling matrix in MATLAB and later on undergraduate computer application class project and later on the design and the program of PLCs ladder diagrams for a part of petroleum- Control system on last year final project. All told, the project took over 150 hours of each of my teammate members. However, I did not look on it as a drain, but an experience for learning and a focus for my professional and technical development. When we completed the project, we felt the sense of worth and pride in completion of a task that was once above our level of knowledge. Pursuing a graduate degree in the field I have chosen also feels like a challenge, and I know that study will frustrate me at times. However, I feel that my commitment to learning will not be swayed. I feel confident in my ability to be creative in my perspective, and to persevere. My ultimate goal is to be an innovator in the field I have chosen to study. Professionalism and creativity are my most valued strengths.

As a Johns Hopkins University student, I would commit all that I have to offer to my study. I intend to pursue research in Big Data Security Systems which was something I worked on through the last ten years of my career in Cyber Security with. As a cyber security engineer, I had already conducted some research on Big Data and Cyber Security Systems design for power systems electric grid applications, resulting in great saving for our organization that I hope I can take way further with my graduate study.

Building on my past success and experience in cyber security and data; I hope to advance my understanding through research at the graduate level, it is my hope to become familiar with, or innovate the design of big data and security Systems in hopes of creating a reliable and practical big data-based security systems interface for use in Power or Control Systems industry.

From my own research into Johns Hopkins University, I feel confident in my knowledge of the Engineering program and its potential to teach me, and after talking with your graduate faculty adviser, I'm even more convinced that Johns Hopkins computer engineering program is right for me.

Finally, my intent to pursue graduate study is laid plain. In particular, my M.Sc. research would be a system driven research and it will be about enabling a general platform for analyzing electric or industrial grid systems threats data. As it's known that contextual Analytics of various threat data provides a deeper understanding of a threat and enables identification of unknown threat vectors. Through the use of big data analytics and deep learning data correlation across different threat types, a better understanding of where, how and to what level of danger a malicious actor poses to an organization. It also provides measures to prevent future threats and available sustainable solution.

From my previous experiences and current interests, I see myself doing interdisciplinary research with researchers from Electrical Engineering, Information Security and Computational informatics in big data analysis for threats data. My research approach is to identify the most general version of a new problem possible, and search for innovative solutions that are elegant, widely applicable and highly implementable in regard to employing security tools integrated with big data to achieve that goal.

I am committed to my goal in pursuing this degree, and I have closely analyzed myself to determine the reasons for my previous successes and my goals for the future. I have found that I do and have always enjoyed computer technologies and engineering, and that I have a strong desire to pursue my study further. I am prepared to commit myself to that study and achieve what I have set out to do.

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