SRF Facebook Subgroups

One way that the SRF connects with researchers and promotes research in the country is through its Facebook sub groups.

The SRF has several sub groups on Facebook that are focused on different research areas or themes. For example, there may be a sub group for researchers who are working in the field of agriculture, or another sub group for researchers interested in health and medicine. These sub groups provide a way for researchers to connect with others who share similar research interests, discuss their work, and learn about new developments in their field.

In addition to connecting researchers with similar interests, the SRF's Facebook sub groups also provide a way for the foundation to share information about research opportunities, funding, and other resources. For example, the SRF may post announcements about grants and fellowships that are available to researchers, or share information about conferences and workshops that might be of interest.

Overall, the SRF's Facebook sub groups are an important way for the foundation to connect with researchers and promote research in Sudan. By providing a platform for researchers to connect with others in their field and access important information and resources, the sub groups help to support and nurture the research community in the country.

Since its establishment in 2009, the Sudanese Researchers Group has formed a number of research and scholarships subgroups specialized in specific fields at the request of its members. These subgroups are supervised by expert researchers in various fields.

Subgroups/Channels of the Sudanese Researchers Group
Sudanese Researchers Foundation

Scholarships-related Subgroups:

Group Name



Group Supervisor

Sudanese Researchers Scholarships Guide

A comprehensive Scholarship Guide

§  Tr. Enas Elsir

Fulbright program for Sudanese (USA)


§  Eng. Gasim Montasir

§  Prof. Souad Badri


Turkey Scholarships for Sudanese


§  Wafi Abdullah

§  Salih Ahmed

§  Mustafa Atta

§  Amal Al Samani

English For Scholarships - SRF


§  Eng. Sarah Sayed Ahmed

§  Eng. Anas Abdel Raouf

§  Dr. Anwar Dafallah

Korean Scholarships for Sudanese


§  Eng. Fathi Karim

§  Dr. Ibrahim Musa

§  Dr. Anwar Dafallah

Japan Scholarships for Sudanese


§  Dr. Sana Seddig

§  Tr. Marwa Al

§  Tr. Neimaallah Al Ehimir

Chevening Scholarship for Sudanese (UK)



§  Eng. Salma Mudawi

Saudi Scholarships for Sudanese - SRI



§  Eng. Omer Mohammed

§  Eng. Kamal Al-Din Al-Awad

§  Eng. Mohammed Idris

Italy scholarships for Sudanese - SRI


§  Dr. Mohammed Sabry

§  Eng. Karam El Din

Scholarships in Canada for Sudanese (SRI)


YouTube Video:

§  Dr. Omaima Hashim Abdulmutallab

§  Prof. Souad Badri

Scholarship ads and courses



§  Eng. Riyad Al Mubarak

§  Tr. Omer Imam

§  Dr. Anwar Dafallah

§  Eng. Anas Mohamed Abdel Raouf

Sudanese Students Group in China


This group is not affiliated with Sudanese researchers and we listed it here to promote cooperation and unify efforts


Specialized Research groups:

Group Name



Group Supervisor

Sudanese Neuro Science Researchers group

Held on August 2013 and all lectures are available on YouTube


Data Mining, Big Data and Internet of Things (IOT)


A member of this group is expected to publish a scientific research within a year of joining the group

§  Dr. Anwar Dafallah

Below is a word file that contains a list of all SRF subgroups:

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