Government Scholarship (India)


India is known as an education hub attracting international students from all over the world. Indian Council for Cultural Relations with a mandate of administering scholarship programs of Government of India annually awards about 3940 scholarships under 26 different schemes to foreign students from about 140 counties. Amongst these 23 schemes, six are funded by ICCR from its own grant and others are administered on behalf of MEA.

  • Number of Awards for Sudanese is  Less than 35 students per year. 
  • Scholarship duration:   Bachelor from 3 to 4 years, master 2 years, PhD 5 years.


  • University certificate (above 70% for bachelor), passport, recommendation letter, medical report, passport photo.
  • English test/(s): Without language tests, only there is an English exam with a conversation at the Embassy.

Helpful Links

Official Website


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