Government Scholarship (Japan)


The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) scholarship supports foreign students who study in higher education institutions, selected on the recommendation of Japanese Embassy/Consulate General, University, or Authority

  • Open for Graduate schools and Colleges of Technology. There are various fields, so check the official website (this year it is only for graduates and it varies every year) . 
  • The deadlines are usually in May, but check for the specific date.
  • The application is via email this year (check their website for any updates), the pdf files shouldn't exceed 10 MB. 

The email:  

The title should be: MEXT Application

  • Be careful that you should travel to Cairo, Egypt to take a paper exam/s (contact them if you can't be there physically).


Age requirements: 35 for research students and 25 for technology students

Required Documents

  • Medical certificate (download its format from the website). 
  • Recommendation letter/s (download its format from the website).

Helpful Links

Facebook page that talks about the scholarship: The way to Japan 

Official Website

Embassy website

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