Merit Scholarship (Mandela Rhodes Scholarship - South Africa)


The Mandela Rhodes Scholarship is a unique opportunity for young leaders from anywhere on the African continent to further their education in South Africa. While completing postgraduate study in any field of your choice, their leadership development programme will empower you to solve some of Africa’s most difficult challenges. You will begin a life-changing leadership journey, and find a community of people who share your passion for the positive transformation of Africa.

  • The scholarship does not pay for your application fees for university, or for the accreditation of your existing degrees through SAQA, which may be an entry requirement to your course. Also do not provide financial support for visa applications.
  • The scholarship is for postgraduate study (Honours and Masters degrees) in any field, with the exception of MBAs. 
  • The scholarship includes a compulsory Leadership Development Programme of either one year or two years depending on your course.
  • The programme gives you access to a mentorship programme, and a community of young leaders from across the African continent.


  • English requirements varies depending on the program.
  • Age restrictions: between 19 and 29.
  • Have an undergraduate degree with excellent academic results (above 70% or upper-second class Honours).

Required Documents

  • Recommenders: they require three letters of recommendation, in English, as part of your application. Your recommenders must submit their letters through their application platform. 
  • Documentation: You will be required to upload certificates of completion for your degrees, transcripts of your academic results, and scans of your ID and passport documents. Your documents and transcripts must be provided in English.
  • Essays: You will be asked to write two short essays, one on your personal journey, and one on a specific question relating to our principles.
  • Application for university: You will be asked to fill in your proposed course of study on your application. They do not require proof that you have applied, but they recommend that you apply as soon as possible, and to more than one university.

Helpful Links

  • Facebook group: link
  • YouTube video for more informations: link

Official Website


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