Merit Scholarship (AIMS - Tanzania)


AIMS scholarship is a scholarship for African students. The AIMS centers are located in 5 African countries: South Africa, Rwanda, Senegal, Ghana and Cameroon. It is fully funded, one year duration.

  • It is a scholarship for a Master's degree.
  • Number of Awards for Sudanese is about 4 for each center, making the total number around 20 Sudanese every year.
  • Scholarship value: full scholarship covering living costs and tuition fees.
  • Scholarship duration: Master 18 months PhD 36 months
  • The application starts in December and the deadline is mid of March.


  • Applicants must hold or expect to obtain by the date of commencement of AIMS training a 4-year university degree in mathematics or any other science/engineering discipline with a significant mathematics component.
  • High GPA is preferred.
  • Candidate records must demonstrate strong mathematics, leadership and community service skills.
  • Women are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • Open to all African Countries.

Helpful Links

Scholarship holders emails: Marwa Zainelabdeen

Official Website


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