Government Scholarship (The Republic of South Korea)


The Korean Government Scholarship Program is offered to students from all over the globe on merit to promote culture and the relations between Korea and other countries. It's a full scholarship of Bachelor's, Master's and PhD for 5,3,4 years respectively including one year of Korean Language course.

  • Number of Awards for Sudanese is 4
  • Scholarship duration:  Bachelor's 5 years, Master's 3 years and 4 years for Ph.D.
  • Different fields :Humanities and Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Technology, Arts and Physical Education, It, management, Engineering
  • Scholarship Deadline(s):  *Undergraduate: Early September - Late October (Annually) *Graduate: Early February - Late March.


  • 80% or 2.64/4.00 GPA (at least) of the previous academic qualification. 
  • Applicant age should be less than 40 years old (for post graduate), 25 years old (for undergraduate) at the year of application. 
  •  Applicants should be physically and mentally fit to study in Korea.


  • Language proficiency tests are not required but they give preference if available.
  • Recommendation from a previous professor or employer. 

Helpful Links

Official Website


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