Merit Scholarship (Doha Institute - Qatar)


Doha Institute's scholarship started back in 2015. It offers a wide variety of scholarships annually to attract academically qualified students from within and outside the State of Qatar. The scholarships vary, some awarded on the basis of merit and academic competition, while others are based on financial need. 

  • Scholarship for MSc degree. 
  • Scholarship Deadline(s): The application usually starts in November every year until February.

Required Documents

  1. Copy of official identification (Passport for International students - Qatari ID for citizens and residents of Qatar).
  2.  A bachelor's degree certified by official authorities.
  3. Undergraduate transcripts certified by official authorities including all transferred courses if any. Senior year students submit their latest transcripts.
  4. A minimum of TWO references from academics familiar with the applicant's work requested via the online application form. An additional letter of recommendation may be submitted by a supervisor from previous employment.
  5.  Meet one of the English requirements:
  • If applicable, submit proof that your language of instruction in your previous academic program was English.
  • Graduation requires an Academic IELTS score of 6.5 or TOEFL iBt score of 79. Admitted students with an IELTS score of 5.5 or 6 are required to satisfy the graduation requirement during their study at the Institute. The student is exempted if he or she submits the test again during the study and achieves the score required for graduation.
  1.  All official transcripts should be translated in Arabic or English.
  2. A personal statement 
  3.  Academic Essay.
  4. Updated curriculum vitae (CV).

Helpful Links

  • Facebook group for this scholarship: Link
  • Sudanese scholarship holders emails: Omran Musa

Official Website


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